A Childs Smile for Blog Mabyn

Parent’s – do you really see the precious child you hold in your hands?

If your child is bigger now – Remember.

This little one, draws first breath, looks at you and Smiles.

Hearts melt.  Bonds form forever.

This child that you made with each other, conceived in love and blessed by God.

Your child, so small, so full of potential, so in need of your guidance and protection.

Your Legacy is before you to be guided with Wisdom, Caring and Love.

So easy to Love when small, so difficult at times.

They look to you for example.

They need, they deserve the best you both can be.

Nurture, push your children into the world prepared, and be amazed.

With compassion for each other, love them all.

May God Continue to Bless You and Your Child Through Life’s Wondrous Journey.

Our Story

My wife and I are thrilled to be Grandparents of four wonderful grandchildren. Nick, the communicator, quick-minded, always ready to test his limits and explore.  Mabyn, at the age of three and so eager to learn, could teach the world about love, knows no limitations. And now two new little ones have been born. Atticus, so impatient to say Hello, came two months early. One can already see the little guy grasp his Mommy and Daddy’s finger as if to say – “OK, I’m here – let’s get things going”. And Leo, who waited a few extra days, big and strong like his Dad, exploring his world, controlling it as only a baby can, surrounded by the love of a brother and sister.

I am overjoyed that Colleen and I have been blessed to see our little family grow.

I was thrilled to have two boys. I readily give Colleen all the credit for them turning out to be intelligent, compassionate and loving. Real Men. The kind we need more of. I give full credit to Colleen because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Perhaps I taught toughness and perseverance. But all the rest, the finer qualities, life’s skills, were lovingly taught by my wife. It’s not really a surprise such a Loving Compassionate Teacher would impart such Knowledge and Caring – and Love.

I have seen our big, tough looking son Jeff, play with and teach his children with such compassion it touches your heart. Who knew he would be so good at tea parties with his little girl? This past weekend through the genius of Face Time from 9,000 miles away, we saw our oldest son Chris, the author – the man of many words, so in awe of his son, show little Atti off, talk about and hold his new born son with a kindness and pride only a loving father possesses. Atticus opened his eyes, moved his arms, stuck out his tongue and smiled. A bond was strengthened. At the speed of light – distance means nothing. We can’t wait to hold him and see his smile in person!

To Susan and Dawn, who Chris and Jeff chose as their respective wives, or, did you choose them? Colleen and I feel so blessed that our guys found you and that your family’s traits, with Love, has produced such wonderful children. To your parents – thank-you for raising such smart and strong women!

Being a Grandparent has caused me to want to be a better person. This I work on every day. Sometimes with success, at times needing a lot of help…


  • Take every opportunity to increase the Smiles, as the Smiles of a Family forever bond each other together.
  • The memory of your Child’s Smile will live far beyond the moment. A Life Time…

©    Charles A. Green     February 25, 2014

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  1. This is also how I felt when I became a mom. My daughter was born 6 weeks early, and I think it was because she could not wait to begin her journey in this world. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, but it was a complete joy to see my husband be so careful and gentle with her. And even now (almost 2 years old), she’s a total daddy’s girl and it is wonderful to see their special bond. It’s funny how everything has changed now in our lives and we would do anything for her. She makes me want to be better person as well.