100 percent focus is wrong

One of the most common teachings everyone has heard throughout life is that whatever you are doing whether it be school, sports, your job, your own business or a social activity, 100% focus is absolutely critical to success.

100% Focus Does Not Lead To Success

Focusing 100% is extremely limiting.

100% focus seemingly allows one to place all their efforts into a single activity, ideally, ensuring the likelihood of success. Contrary to this widely held belief it does not allow you to see the big picture, as one may devote considerable time to non-productive activities and concentrate not on true problems and solutions, but on a narrow-minded focus on distractive activities. Yet it is so easy, so enticing to go down this narrow path as it seems for all intents and purposes to be the correct one.

I propose rather than a 100% focus on any one activity in your life; that you take the time to look around, speak to others, seek input from what you may consider non-traditional sources and game-plan your business activities and a Balanced Life. Be flexible enough to modify as circumstances dictate. As you’ll see below, consider an alternative highly beneficial activity for 5-10% of your time.

Consistently hitting your head against the proverbial “brick wall” results in a real bad headache and a still standing wall. A person with 100% focus believes that hitting the wall has got to work eventually. They have become so focused on a single task they never stop to step back and see if there is a door, a window, a ladder, a shovel, (figuratively speaking a stick of dynamite) or even the end point of the wall so they may walk around it. The task is not to go through the wall but rather to overcome the obstacle.


Thru the years I have met with hundreds of Entrepreneurs, consulted for them, and trained thousands of their employees (Sales and Communications).  These Entrepreneurs were all highly intelligent and truly dedicated to their Entrepreneurial pursuits. Their goal is not to “Become Rich” as many believe. They do what they do because they truly believe they can build a business that will solve a problem, make other’s lives better and build a secure future for their Family.

Some succeed. Many don’t. Why? What is the Difference?

For most; the critical difference in ultimate success is not their intelligence, their idea, product, or service, or, even an overwhelming drive to succeed, though all of these elements do of course come into play. It comes down to the most basic business element of all – Access to Capital.

When Capital runs out no one other than your Family will know or care about you or what you were trying to build. Oh – and the IRS. They’ll still care AND stay in touch. The World will simply move on.

Most Entrepreneurs, lacking adequate Capital, seek it from Banks (good luck with that), Family and Friends (often even more difficult and potentially relationship destroying) or if they really have something that could be the next “Great Thing”, Venture Capital. In most of these scenarios, if Capital acquisition is successful, it comes at a steep price – a loss of ownership percentage or even loss of control. Their “Dream” is thus blunted or even seized by those with the Cash!

Lack Of Capital Causes Two Immediate Problems

First, it is difficult to begin any start-up without the where-with-all to afford the necessary office or plant space, research, equipment, travel, personnel and their corresponding benefit packages, expansion opportunities, etc. And please don’t forget the ever present and changing, burden of Government Regulations and Taxes.

Second, another problem quickly looms. “As I burn through my cash reserves without an adequate return, how long can I last and still have sufficient financial resources for my family?”

The Entrepreneurs’ fight to keep going becomes a raw, all-encompassing, gut-wrenching struggle. “Can I hang on long enough to make this work?”

I have seen Entrepreneurs struggle to the point that to keep their Dream alive they sign for loans they cannot pay if they fail, mortgage their home and cash in their retirement, somehow managing to pay everything and everyone except themselves. Month after Month – after Month… This causes a huge strain on themselves and most especially their family. They are “all-in”. The question is – “Will they make it?”

Some do – Some don’t.



I would like to propose an alternative to the 100% focus. A method which will require you to somewhat split your 100% dedication to a singular idea or business. It requires a simple 5-10% change of focus.

With the Right Company and the Right People, Relationship Marketing has the Power to rather quickly do two critical things.

First, you will begin to build a monthly income that you can rely on. It is amazing what an extra $500, $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000+ per month can accomlish.

Second, when you reach a certain income level you’ll find that the momentum you’ve built in your Relationship Marketing organization cannot be stopped. Just as you have the Dream to build a secure income for your family so do your team members have the same Dream for their Family. You couldn’t stop them if you tried. You benefit and your team members benefit. As it should be…

Just imagine what a life-changing experience it would be for an Entrepreneur (or anyone) to know with certainty that their Family’s monthly bills were handled. This 90/10 split of focus can mean rather than contemplating further struggle or even failure, Financial Freedom and Time Freedom is attainable.

  ©  Charles A Green,   February 20, 2014

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