What is an Ideal Life? To many it is having lots of money, for others it is friendship and family. Most would like both scenarios but find the pursuit of earning money and devoting time to be with friends and family to be extremely difficult.

To the driven person there is only one way to reach success. They dedicate themselves to a single-minded obsession to reach the TOP. They live within the limitations of an ego propelled striving for recognition and wealth. Yet once they reach the pinnacle of their pursuit find much to their surprise that the victory is quite short-lived even hollow, as they realize the sacrifices they made for what in the beginning seemed so worthwhile.

Time and time again people in their fifties and sixties look back and realize they sold their values and most critically, time with their family for the almighty dollar. “The one thing his family wanted and so desperately needed, time with him, he had given to the unflinching drive toward success.”

Ask any rich man upon his death bed; if he could live his life over, would he again sell his life to a corporation, even one he himself had built, and neglect his family, never taking the time to encourage his children, enjoy their accomplishments or, to tell his spouse how much he loved her and how important she was to him? Given a second chance they would spend the time to be with those they love.

There is a method to build not alone, but with your family and friends an income that can exceed your wishes yet as an integral part of its design allows the time to do the things you’d like to do together.

In a previous post (New Year’s Resolutions – A New Beginning Charles A. Green, December 30, 2013) I provided a definition of Success.

“Success” is the ability to do What you want, When You Want, And with Whom you want.

This requires both Financial Freedom and Time Freedom. It is rare that any system incorporates both of these crucial elements let alone in so natural and synergistic a manner as does Relationship Marketing.

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There are two powerful reasons to be involved with Relationship Marketing.  Royalty Income and Time Duplication.  (Since these are covered at length in my previous Post I shall not repeat the discussion here but I do urge you to read the Relationship Marketing Post linked immediately above.)

Regardless of your stage in life or occupation, I would highly recommend that you consider Relationship Marketing for the Tremendous Opportunity it is – An Opportunity that can be started with little money yet has unlimited upside.

Are you:

  • Starting your career and find that meaningful, well paying jobs are not available? Consider what a solid alternative income could mean for you.
  • Facing the daunting expenses of a home, car, insurance, food, utilities, clothing, education and a ton of other needs for your growing family? Would an extra $500, $1,000, $5,000+ per month make a difference?
  • A Mom who would really like to be at home with your children to ensure they are not raised by strangers in day-care, or who would like to home school your children? Yet without your second job there is not enough family income for you to stay at home. What would a successful home based business mean to you?
  • A Dad who would love to provide for his family and participate in his children’s daily lives.
  • A parent whose children are in college or, have already graduated and that corporation you work so hard for is beginning to look a little shaky as to its long-term future. What would a secondary income you could count on mean to you and your family?
  • An owner of a small business into which you pour your heart, hard work and finances into each day. With economic conditions beyond your control, can you say with certainty that everything will be OK for the short and long-term? Can your business survive a downturn? For how long?
  • A Doctor facing regulations so onerous that you are not sure you will be able to both serve your patients and keep your doors open.
  • Close to, or already retired. The statistics for a comfortable retirement, one not filled with constant financial worry are staggeringly against you. What can you do?

The Time Factor

For anyone who sees themselves in one of the scenarios pictured above or in a similar situation where Needs exceed available dollars, you don’t have time to wait for conditions to change. Another part-time job is not the solution.

You need something that works and does so in relatively short order. This is another huge advantage of Relationship Marketing. As long as you have associated yourself with a great company your future earnings are determined by how much effort you are willing to give. Want to do just a little and build over 3-5 years? You may do so. Yet if you need to build quickly and are willing to put the effort in right from the beginning, 5 or more years worth of your “regular” income can be built in a year or less! There is no artificial ceiling as to how much you may earn or how quickly you may become successful. IN THE GREAT TRADITION OF AMERICA – YOUR EFFORTS COUNT.

Be Prepared

One thing you can count on in Life, things both good and bad are going to occur whether you are prepared for them or not. One moment you can hardly believe how great things are and then here comes Life – slapping you aside your head changing everything in an instant.

Just as no investor places all their assets into one financial instrument, NO ONE SHOULD RELY SOLELY ON A SINGLE  SOURCE OF INCOME, (or even multiple incomes if both husband and wife work) for when the unexpected occurs it can all disappear in what will seem like an instant.

Whether you work for a corporation, have a medical or law practice, or own your own small business, you must set a priority to diversify your source of income, just as you do your investments. You’ll find with Relationship Marketing that dedicated effort will lead to income levels of which most people can only dream.

Whether you make the decision to start your Relationship Marketing business simply to have a second income you can count on, or to build it so that it supplies all the luxuries of life, you will rapidly find that once your own family’s needs are taken care of that assisting others reach their goals is a tremendously satisfying motivator. You can make a real difference as you show others what you have learned.

Do nothing different and in 3-5 year’s time your conditions will be unchanged or worse.  Uncertainty will be a constant companion.

Take charge of your life.  

W. Clement Stone called it Being 100% Responsible For Your Life.  


  • We Often Learn Too Late, The Most Important Truths Of Life.
  • Regardless Of Your Stage In Life Or Income Level One Of The Greatest Joys In Life Is Helping Others Attain Their Dream!
  • Time Waits For No One.

Charles A. Green, January 10, 2014


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