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Time is the single most indispensable thing in the world, yet we struggle to understand it or use it to our advantage. History records events in time.  Calendars, sundials, clocks/watches and intricate atomic measuring instruments have been devised to note time’s passage in infinitesimal detail. The Mayan, Aztec, Egyptians and Druids developed cultures centered around their understanding of time. Entire industries and technologies have developed that provide opportunities for the more effective use of time. Great minds have formulated Theories of Time often raising more questions than they answered.

Time measures our life span, yet remains invisible, noted to humans only by their and the Universe’s visible physical changes. Evidence of the entirety of the human race is but a moment in the passage of Time. Events occurring beyond our physical grasp are to us unknown.

Shelter, Food, Water and Air are essential to life. All may be available in abundance, yet without the luxury of time are irrelevant to your existence.

Thus, the single most indispensable, determinant element to life is Time. We may “use time to our advantage” or “choose to waste it at will”. Regardless of the time granted, our accomplishments or lack thereof, Time itself is unchanged.

Time is the one absolute “Must Have” for life to be existent.

The average life-span for an American woman is 81 years, for men 76. In 1900 the numbers were 48 years for women and 46 for men. Populations of a few countries have longer life-spans while most are significantly less.

Let’s say you live to age 80. That’s 960 months, 29,220 days available for potentially valuable, interesting pursuits. We could extend the math to hours, seconds, deduct 8 hours of sleep each night but you get the idea. We would also need to deduct the number of years required until one learns enough about the world and themselves to explore their possibilities, to make a real difference. For some, even the very early years can be productive and inspirational. Those who by personal ambition “get it” early in life have a huge advantage.

An average life-span is not guaranteed. Some die young without continuing their lineage. Others live to a very old age, outliving their children and financial resources.

If you knew that in ten days, three years, or five, you would be saying your goodbyes, would you do whatever activity today seems so important? Those with only a few days or years left would be terribly conscious of their coming demise, reach an immediate awareness of what is important to them and in many cases completely change their life’s purpose.

Human nature being what it is, those that knew they would live another forty years would likely waste the next 35, and only then, after enough guilt set in as to how much time they had wasted, start to take things seriously. So even knowing how much time one has left could be critically useful or completely ignored.

Most are quite uncomfortable thinking in these terms, thus distractions rule their lives. They set no guideposts and fail to reach their potential. Many live a life of mediocrity; assuming,  hoping  it will all work out, settling for adequate rather than striving for great.

  • We go to a “job” rather than finding our life’s passion and making a real difference.
  • We meet people and move on rather than seeing their needs and assisting.
  • We take our children for granted rather than teaching values and preparing them for their future.
  • We lose interest in our spouse.
  • We let extended family and friends fade away.

This all occurs because we fail to realize and thus value the Importance of Time. Determine what is important and make it happen. There is no time like now to start.


We have all read about someone who in the relatively short time granted to them on this earth, accomplished great things and became an inspiration to many.  While their time was short their impact was great, felt far beyond their time.


  • How much more complete would your life be if you truly valued Time?
  • When you value time as your most precious of gifts, everything you see and do changes.
  • Quality is the essence of time and ironically cannot be measured.
  • May your example, your Legacy, inspire others to spend their time in a life well lived.
  • The greatest; most satisfying, most effective use of the time God has granted you is in loving your family and in service to your fellow man.

What will you do with the time of your life?

How will you be remembered?

 ©    Charles A. Green,    December 23, 2013

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