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Relationship Marketing has changed the lives of millions across the globe. With the right company and an understanding of key points, Relationship Marketing can do the same for you.

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Excuses that block your success in Relationship Marketing.

Excuse #1:       It’s a Pyramid.

Excuse #2:       I’m too busy.

Excuse #3:       Won’t work for me.

Excuse #4:       Tried it before.

Excuse #5:       I’m not a salesperson.

Excuse #6:       I have no money.

Excuse #7:       I don’t want to contact my friends/family.

Excuse #8:       My friend tried (company name) and it didn’t work for them.

You have likely either heard or used these excuses. They are not solely related to Relationship Marketing. but are used every day to convince people they are not capable of great things.

Excuse #1: It’s a Pyramid. YES IT IS! Those who have never earned success of any kind in their own life, have pounced on the “Pyramid” as their major “Gotcha Moment”. These “Know-nothings” attempt to thrust onto the unsuspecting reader/listener, distrust and fear. Armed with informed logic and business analysis, the “It’s a Pyramid” argument is exposed as baseless.

What successful business or organization can you name that is not structured as a Pyramid? Major Corporations, the Military, Charities, Small Business, even major Religions, are all structured with a Pyramidal Hierarchy. And for good reason. IT WORKS!  All that being a Pyramid organization means is that there are defined levels of Leadership and Production. As employees learn their job and seek additional responsibilities they have the opportunity to move up to a higher level, to a better compensated position.

The alternative? A single level organization where the newest, least informed employee has equal authority with those with extensive training and experience or, even with the owner who has his life-savings on the line? The result would be resentment, chaos and failure.

Over all the generations of human endeavor the Pyramid form has emerged as that which provides the greatest opportunity for success, establishes organizational stability and provides tremendous opportunity for those willing to work hard. The Pyramid Organization exists as the pre-eminent Organizational Structure precisely because it has proven to be so highly effective.

Take two business owners.

Scenario One.  The owner is thrilled that his son has decided to join his business so he brings him in at the top, his “right hand” man so to speak. The son is fully involved in all the high level decisions, well at least to the extent that he agrees with his father. Ten years later the father/owner has a stroke and is unable to continue running the company. To an outsider it appears that the company should continue to do well since the son has been integrally involved for so long at the highest level.

In reality, the son, with his false sense of competence and lack of true knowledge of the company, knows few of the people who now work for him, does not know who to trust when they offer an opinion or bring recommendations to the “big” office, and does not know their customers or what it takes to produce their product.  He is not respected because everyone knows he did not earn his position. Competent people leave when their recommendations are rejected. Customers leave because no one at the top understands what it takes to obtain a customer or to keep them on-board. The business collapses. Hundreds of employees lose their job.

Scenario 2 Contrast the above with a similar situation but with one significant change. In this scenario the business owner believes the only way to bring his son into the business is at the lowest rung on the ladder, the base of the Pyramid. He knows that bringing his son in at the top would lead to resentment and would not be doing his son any favors. He remembers what it took to build the business and wants his son to experience the same growth and personal accomplishment. His son starts by sweeping the shop floor. He understands that if he is to move up in the organization it will only be through hard work and merit.

When the medical emergency arises in this situation the transition is smooth. True to his word; the son has learned everything possible about the business, worked hard to rise through the ranks, learned who was reliable within the company and among suppliers and made it a point to build relationships with customers. He is respected throughout the company and supplier chain. While the transition from Father to Son was emotionally stressful the company continued to be successful.

So, YES, Relationship Marketing like every other successful organization is a Pyramid. You are not appointed to the top level. You, like every distributor, begin at the bottom and through learning about the product and how to share with and assist others you move up due to your own hard work. Like any business opportunity if you wish to be successful – WORK YOUR BUTT OFF! EARN YOUR SUCCESS!


Excuse #2: I’m too busy. There is an adage that says if you want something done you give the job to a busy person. Busy people accept no excuses, least of all from themselves! Judge the opportunity. If it has merit and will significantly improve your life, being too busy will never again be your excuse.

Excuse #3: Won’t work for me. Until you do something with diligent effort, you should not pre-judge the opportunity. If it has worked for hundreds or thousands of other folks it can work for you. The lack of self-confidence has controlled you far too long and must be defeated.

Excuse #4: Tried it before. Don’t confuse my legitimate opportunity with what you may have bumped into before. If you join my team I’ll do everything possible to assist you to reach your goals. The only way I can be successful is to help others be successful. That is the true Power of the Pyramid.

Excuse #5: I’m not a salesperson. That’s a plus as you won’t have to unlearn anything. Most people have a negative idea about sales because they have encountered many poorly trained salespeople. All Relationship Marketing takes is a desire to share your product and opportunity with others, with the goal that they too may benefit. If you care about others you will be successful.

Excuse #6: I have no money. The right opportunity will stir your creative juices. When I was in my poorest college days if a Chevrolet dealer had offered me a brand new “on the showroom” Corvette for $2000 I would have figured out a way to obtain the money. If the opportunity is right, money is not an issue.

Excuse #7: I don’t want to contact my friends/family. Simply share. They may not get involved, that’s fine. They may call you someday to see how you could afford that new car or house. There are millions of people you don’t know who would jump at the chance to improve their lives. Introduce yourself.

Excuse #8: My friend tried (fill in the company name) and it didn’t work for them. Chances are I would not be surprised it did not work for your friend as there are definitely companies from which you should stay away.

Don’t let someone else dictate your future. Many sign up with Relationship Marketing because they see the dream of retirement income. But rather than working hard they immediately retire. I.E., they do nothing beyond going to a few meetings. Unwilling to “Do What It Takes To Be Successful” they lose the Dream. They did nothing, but they’ll tell their friends, “That didn’t work for me!”

Keep an open mind.

As in any industry, there are well run, well financed companies with strong leadership and others that are complete garbage.

  • If you are in a company with poor corporate leadership – GET OUT!
  • If the company requires that you maintain a large inventory or purchase volume – RUN!
  • If you need a ridiculously high monthly volume to qualify for commissions – LEAVE!
  • If your Up-line won’t help you – RESIGN!


  • If you are serious about reaching your full potential get rid of excuses.
  • Embrace the Pyramid as the most successful organizational system ever devised.
  • Success will come when you decide the pain of failure is greater than doing the hard work success requires.
  • Show up every day and be 100% responsible for your success.

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©   Charles A. Green,     March 29, 2014

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