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The Power of Relationship Marketing Will Build Your Dreams

Hello again! It’s been awhile between posts. This summer my wife and I spent some time visiting our son, daughter-in-law and new grandson in Australia. When we returned I decided to devote time to turning the 3 short blog posts on this site referencing Relationship Marketing into an eBook. This left little time for my Success blog.

I believe so strongly in the life-changing Power of Relationship Marketing I felt compelled to do it justice by writing a much more complete version. You will also find that many of the concepts and techniques within will be useful for anyone who works with people and for those in a leadership role.

You will find the eBook in the Amazon Kindle store. A print version is also available on Amazon. The link embedded in the book cover picture above will take you directly to the eBook or print version for purchase or, in Amazon’s search bar type, The Power of Relationship Marketing Will Build Your Dreams. and download it to your Kindle or Kindle App on your smart phone or tablet.

I found the process of writing the book fascinating. If you have ever contemplated writing a book or are currently in the process just figure it will take ten times longer than you estimate. While it’s challenging it’s also a very fulfilling process.

I will write more on the blog in the near future. I’m thinking about some different ideas for it so we’ll see how it goes.

If you are serious about building your dreams and willing to do the hard work success requires, I’d love to communicate with you.

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